Hi Liz. Thank you for pulling this off so quickly and with great style and expertise. We’ve had many compliments on the site structure. Also a thank you for you extremely fair pricing.

C. Blough

Easy Shield

Hello Liz:
On behalf of the staff and volunteers of TorchLlight, thank you for your kind holiday wishes and for your generous and ongoing support of our web needs.  We appreciate the commitment you have to our agency and the excellent service you provide.
We continue to receive positive feedback from our new website.
Wishing you an yours a very joyous holiday season and continued prosperity in the New Year,




Thanks so much Liz, It’s been an absolute pleasure working wit you so far, and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future! Thanks again- I love my site

Liz Mills


Stocking Stuffer Store

I approached Skorski Web Design after seeing an impressive site they had done last year. From the beginning, my input was valued, and they were able to deliver on all work with amazing speed, creativity & accuracy. The site was up & running when promised, & the extras, such as shopping cart & payment method, were handled beautifully. I also appreciated the extra work that was done when the inevitable last minute changes were requested. I am happy to recommend Skorski Web Design to all.
D. Scott Taylor
LG Publishing


LG Publishing

I really like it – the colours are great, the header and footer really work well and you have done a great job pulling out bits from the illustrations, and I like the white background…..I am very happy with the web design.


Letters From Sugar

In case we haven’t officially said this, THANK YOU for your excellent work. The website is beautiful. We got straight into learning mode but I wanted to make sure you know that we love the site.


Hi Liz – I just wanted to give you some feedback. I am loving my website! I cannot believe how much business it has generated. It is attached to the government speech website and it seems once people click on my site, they contact me right away!

Thanks again


Speech Language Therapist

Well, you’ve done it again – it is absolutely gorgeous! Really good pictures, easy to navigate, joyful. Pauline is very pleased and I am too, for recommending you.
Brenda Byers




You are amazing!

I am so grateful to have connected with you and to work with you!

The feedback on the site is so incredibly positive and words expressed by others = exactly what I wanted when I first thought of getting a site.

Thank you for helping me accomplish this goal in my business development!

Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

Ida Tetlock

SMART Organizing

I would like to thank you for your design of the new website of “Ava Interior Design”. In addition, your professionalism that included prompt results, answers to questions and your suggestions all benefited to the valuable result of www.avainteriordesign.com. I wish you continuing success in your business and look forward to working with in the future with the anticipated result of growth in Ava Interior Design.
Ania Maternicki


AVA Interior Design

Thank you again for everything, I will highly recommend you and your business!


Embrace Time

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my website. Your suggestions on content & how to put the site together were very useful. And your patience was amazing. Thank you again & will definitely recommend you!
Donna Lewczuk


Donnas Mortgages