Don’t undervalue the power of good hosting!

Most clients do not understand the relationship of web hosting to the web site. Lets break it down!
The website is coding and a database that has to reside at a web host. The web host supports the whole website and gives it power.

So if we equate the website to a shiny new car. Everyone wants a great car right? But…. if that beautiful new car has a teeny tiny engine it wont run well and be underpowered. In some cases the car won’t move and will be very slow or even break down.

So what does that mean for you?
Each car has a specific engine built for it. Just like a website, we have certain technical specs required for each website we build. Most times the theme will come with specific technical specs that should be required for it to run at it’s best. Or you may run e-commerce with all kinds of added plugins for required functionality, they will need more “resources” thus a bigger engine.

So when a web designer suggests the web host is not good and should be changed, Yes, ask questions, but understand that there is no point spending money on a brand new website if it does not function up to standards. The hosting packages we recommend are optimized for the sites we build and we have experience with that.

If you ask us to build your new or refreshed website on a slow or outdated server. We will tell you. If you choose to ignore the recommendation that is your prerogative however in the long run you will probably pay more to get it moved later, lose customers to a slow site, achieve poor page speed tests and have possible security issues.


Liz Skorski has been a web designer in Canada for 19 years and has owned an operated an independent hosting company from 2006 to 2021 with several servers.