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Tips for selling Virtual Products

Thinking about selling Virtual Products?  Sales have been increasing with the onset of Covid 19 as businesses scramble to keep offering their services in safe and socially distanced ways.  Many have turned to selling digital downloads. Whether it be a...

Virtual Product planning
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Commonly Asked Questions

We often get questions about our services and common questions about web design.  Here are just a few that we will answer here: How much does a website cost? Great question, Each website is created specifically for the client. We don't have set prices because...

Custom Website Design

Agri Food E-Commerce Grant

Are you a CSA Farm in Ontario?  Do you normally sell in your farm store or farmers market? E-commerce for your Agri Food business may be the answer. Government of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has just launched an...

CSA Farm stores, Agri Food business grant

E-Commerce for Your Business

The use of e-commerce on your website is imperative now and for the future.  Adaptability is key! As I write this post we are 1 month into the Covid 19 pandemic and I am so saddened by the state of business. The Ontario and Provincial governments have put in place...

E-commerce website for business adaptablility
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Data is Key

It is imperative to collect stats where web visitors come from, where they go, and how long they stay. By analyzing the data, we can see what is working and what isn't. Often small businesses use the [tooltip text=" Are you just putting stuff out there for your...

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Web Hosting Runs the Website Engine

Cheap web hosting is just that, cheap and probably you will get what you pay for. Slow, outdated, and hard to index.  Why spend the money on a great site if it's not going to function properly? But why do I need to pay more for hosting? We have noticed that as...

web hosting the engine that runs the code
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Professional or Do it Yourself?

Recently there has been much conversation about free or do it yourself vs. hiring an website professional to develop your site. It can be so confusing. If you are a very small business, just starting out, you need to analyse your start up costs with the $ of sales....

Professional Web Design for Small business