When business owners approach needing a website, we often ask about the other marketing initiatives.  The small business owner has a limited budget to implement many things. Our purpose is not to upsell the client but to provide a consistent company image and make sure all the separate marketing pieces fit together properly.

An example of a clear disconnect would be if you are blogging like crazy on your brand new website but failing to share those informative posts out on social media channels. We must add share buttons on the website to help leverage the information that is being added to the blog.  As well we must have links to the company social media sites readily available on the website.

It is imperative that a common theme and strong brand exist between print and web.

Steps to integrated business marketing (after key benefits and strengths are identified)

  • Goal Setting
  • Custom website appropriately branded
  • SEO services to maximize search engine reach with established keyword phrases
  • Content Creation / Blogging strategies to support SEO
  • Social media sharing and links
  • Print/ Web ads to support web
  • Key is a consistent and clear message
  • Analytics to measure success