On Page SEO

Proper on-page SEO isn’t about gaming or trying to trick the search engines. It’s about making sure that the content on the page or post can be easily interpreted. ex.

Using a URL that includes a keyword

Including your primary keyword in the title

Naturally using your keyword within the first few hundred words

Not overusing your keyword in the remaining text

Keeping your content relevant, on-topic and easy to read

Linking to relevant off-site content

Including relevant and optimized images & videos

Filling out a relevant and interesting meta description

Making sure your page is mobile friendly

and more….

How long does a website design project take?

The timeline can vary, we usually allow 1.5 months design/ development time depending on the complexity of functionality. If it is a smaller website with few functional elements, it can be done faster.  A more functional website including custom programming can take 3-6 months once the scope of project has been laid out.

Tip: If the website text content is prepared in advance for each page, the project will go much quicker.

Business Marketing is an Integrated Process

When business owners approach needing a website, we often ask about the other marketing initiatives.  The small business owner has a limited budget to implement many things. Our purpose is not to upsell the client but to provide a consistent company image and make sure all the separate marketing pieces fit together properly.


Website Lifespan

Here are a couple of thoughts on website lifespan;

What is the lifespan of a website?  2-3 years

Why?  In the ever changing world of the internet, the technology changes quickly and without notice.


Basic WordPress Security Tips

These simple tips will help keep your website a little more secure. We highly recommend iThemes Security Pro and Backup Buddy.  Ask us how to implement these features.

  • Do not use the “remember me “ function when logging in to the admin area
  • Never use public internet when logging in to the admin area
  • Make sure the device you are using has an active virus protect and malware scan running and that your computer is free from viruses etc.
  • Do not share or email the login credentials to anyone
  • Always logout of the site when finished
  • Make sure you never have an username called “admin”
  • Limit the number of users with administrator permissions
  • Make sure to run a regular back up routine and store backups offsite if possible.