Take a look at your website and ask your self these questions….

  • Does it appeal to your ideal demographic?
  • Is it a user friendly experience (easy to search, easy to get to pages, easy to contact you)?
  • Does it tell the viewer; What you do, who you do it for, where you do it, why they should deal with you?  Remember you only have seconds to tell convey this!
  • Does your website show your expertise in your industry?
  • Is your brand consistent with all marketing material (logo, colours, fonts, tag line)?
  • Is your website mobile responsive and does it have cross browser compatibility?
  • Do you have a lead generation system in place?  ie. newsletter sign up, contact form, free download…
  • Have you incorporated social media follow and share links?
  • Are you products/ services adequately explained?
  • What do you want to be known for?  Is it clear on your website?

These are some of the basic questions we discuss when we do a website consultation.  We provide an SEO questionnaire to help us learn about your business.