What is CMS?

It is an acronym for Content Management  System. That is a system or software that is put in place on your website host to facilitate making changes yourself without any programming knowledge.

It has become critical to have a website that is updated, fresh and interesting. Search engines favor sites that have updated  information and links to updated social media.  A CMS system allows you to keep your website text up to date, post to your blog, add photos and add interesting articles when you want. Using social media also allows other avenues to communicate with existing or potential clients.

At Skorski Web Design we use WordPress as the CMS platform then custom create or purchase a template to govern the look of the website.  We find that WordPress is easy to use and reliable. You need to keep the WordPress software up to date but the software is free so there are no big bills; this involves making a back up and installing the new version. Generally this can be done very quickly and easily at minimal cost.


Ask about WordPress as your CMS option!