“I’m always told to blog for business, but why?”

As a small business owner there are many “free” things you can do to help market your business.  One of them is adding new original content to your website.  But where do you put it? In the posts / blog area.

This is a great way to write meaningful post about your business, product, service and industry.  It poises you as an expert in your industry and it a great opportunity to show people you know what you are talking about. Blogging for business should be strategic and compliment your marketing plan.  Ask us how!

I would say most business owners know their industry so why not explain it;  Highlight advantages, benefits of your product or services,  case studies, how to’s etc.

Why Blog posts?

  • They are Searchable by Google
  • Provide their own URL for sharing on social
  • Can be put into categories
  • Various formats; videos, audio or text, (always include a transcript)
  • Help search engine optimization by adding new original content
  • Essential to keep your site updated- don’t let your site go static

The big advantage is it allows you to give your business a more informal voice. You can express your passion behind the business, why you care, why your are different.  Only 1 post a month of at least 300 words that is unique (original- no copy and paste from somewhere else) and you will also help your website SEO.  Just think, Google wants to render the most accurate, recent search results based on a users query so if you are writing new meaningful content then that is a “brownie point” for Google. It builds your database of information on a topic and credibility. Consistant blogging  on a topic can also build domain authority (that’s good by the way)

Here are some ideas of what to write about when you blog for business:

Product based business

  • Top 5 reasons to use your product
  • How to use it – video or tutorial
  • Testimonial or interview about the product
  • Show product in use with a video
  • Product comparisons
  • White papers

Services based business

  • What do you provide that is different?
  • Case studies
  • What problem does your service solve?
  • Explore the industry and what is happening
  • Top 10 reasons to do…
  • Video demos
  • Before and after posts
  • Testimonials
  • Explore all the reasons you help
  • Write posts based on target market demographic


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