Some people wonder how it’s done, who do they pay?

Unfortunately,  there is no magic pill. Search Engines are complex computer programs that assign a perceived value (page rank) to your website  based on it’s relevance to the search term or phrase that is being searched.

There are many factors that contribute to the valuation of a website such as;

  • is the site indexable?
  • Amount of relevant content
  • Age of domain
  • Number of valuable links coming into your site (inbound links)
  •  and the list goes on…….and changes

So here is some info that may help.

Top Tips to make your WordPress Site search engine friendly.

  • enable permalinks use descriptive links
  • “learn more” vs “learn more about how to build a great website”
  • don’t skimp on text, more original/ relevant text is better (do not steal text from other sites)
  • always use descriptive alt tags on photos
  • use keywords in your page titles
  • use geographical locations within text to aid in local searches
  • use an SEO plugin (SEO by Yoast)
  • set unique page titles, descriptions and keywords on each page.