Website Maintenance

Your website is online and all is running smoothly….but what if you don’t maintain it?

Like your car, a website needs maintenance or it will eventually break.  But why? I already paid for it.

Think of all the different devices we view websites on; phones, tablets, ipads, desktop.  Then, think of all the different browers on these devices and versions; Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari…

Everything is changing and updating all the time and your website will need to be updated as well to keep up with current browser versions, device standards and security and performance enhancements.

In our digital world, security alone is a huge reason to update.  We see hundreds of intrusion attempts per month on most websites.  It is not uncommon to see several plugin updates a month.

The great news is that we make it easy to maintain. We offer a monthly maintenance package to make it easy for you to get the most out of your website and increase longevity.

outdated software is the number one reason for hacking

Note: If your website has a major fault or their is a corruption of data, you will be notified and given options to resolve. This will be over and above the monthly maintenance fee.