Are you a business owner who is busy ?

Are you careful with your business spending?

Do you find it frustrating to rely on your web designer to make changes on your site?

Do the web changes take a long time?

You can take control with WordPress as your Content Management System.

Imagine posting a video whenever you feel like it.  Imagine writing that article you have been wanting to post at 11pm. Imagine posting a sale or featured product at 6am.

A CMS or Content Management System allows the website owner to add timely and relevant text, photo and video content to their website.

We use WordPress to create a website that both looks great and provides the functionality to facilitate client side changes at any time.

WordPress is easy to use and highly supported within the web community.

As opposed to a proprietary system, WordPress gives you some freedom to choose a new web support person if you need it. The website can also be expandable at a later date to increase functionality.

WordPress is the software that is installed on a Linux based web host, it uses a database to store the content of the website. As your web designer we will create or purchase a template and customize it to best reflect your business and marketing goals.  We have been using WordPress for several years and out of the last 50 websites only 1 was not WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress as your  CMS:

  • add content when you want
  • save $$ on website management
  • ability to have an internal blog
  • easily to use
  • able to increase functionality
  • not limited on # blog posts of # pages
  • easily indexable by the search engines
  • core software is free
  • can change look of website with new template
  • excellent support available


As with all websites you will probably still have a website support person to do the following;

  • regular updates on core software
  • updates and compatibility checks on plugins
  • back up program in place- suggest offsite backups
  • provide  stable hosting environment
  • provide customization in child theme so core template can be updated successfully
  • username and password changes