We still get calls from stressed and well intended business owners asking for a new website to “fix” their marketing and get more business.   Sigh… unfortunately, it is a process and not a quick fix.

If you are not in the industry it is hard to understand.  A website is a tool!  It can be very effective to attract and convert customers however a static website won’t do it.

If you are looking for a quick marketing fix, you need to use PPC, social ads, google ads etc. – Outbound marketing.

If you want the website to work for you and attract clients based on your credibility (inbound marketing) keep reading….

A business owner still needs to “work it” !

What does that mean?

In it’s simplest terms a website is a marketing tool to let people know what you do, where you do it, purchase, how to contact etc.

Now the website can look great and have pretty pictures but what if the content never changes? 

What if that same pretty website is the same year over year?

Google (the dominant search engine) will presume the website does not have a lot of value. It is essential that your website contains original unique content and is updated frequently (monthly).  It’s kind of like a store window. If you have a new interesting window display, people take notice and will go into the shop.

Also, over time, Google rewards frequently updated websites with increased search engine placement.

The text and corresponding image content of the website directly relates to Search Engine Optimizationthe practice of growing a website's traffic from organic search results which is a way for people to find your website.

Does the viewer of the website have enough information to make a purchase decision, learn about your product/service, do you show expertise in you industry?  The more information about your business, the more “credible” your business will appear.   Here is a Guide to creating helpful, people first content.

It is easy, when you have a WordPress website to update posts or pages with just a little training.  YOU as your business expert must have a content creation plan to utilize all that WordPress can do. Ask us how.   Show you are an expert in your industry by adding new unique content. Give Google a reason to come back to your website and re-index pages. Give people the benefit of your expertise and earned credibility with new unique content.

Remember, people go to Google to find an answer to a question, solution to a need or product they are searching for.  Google’s job is to show the most relevant result that matches a search query. It makes sense that the website with more content will get ranked higher.

Note: Google has very strict duplicate content rules. Be sure all wording is unique and in your brand voice (just like how you would talk to a client) and it’s beneficial to use humor, images, video (will transcript).


Note from Liz- Having worked with clients over 19 years, the one thing that is a rule is to spend time on text content for your website.   The most successful websites have crafted original content covering many common questions about their product or service. They are industry experts and offer value added info on their website. We can guide you through the content creation process.